“Because you are you looking for the finest 2nd Generation : 
Ultra High Performance / State of the Art / Bifacial N-Type Solar System on the planet –
 at simply the lowest cost for the best installed pricing anywhere!”

35th Street Solar provides you with a completely installed Ultra High Performance Solar System that combines the finest leading edge state of the art technologically advanced equipment in the solar PV industry – with the absolute lowest cost – to save you thousands to tens of thousands over all the nationally advertised solar companies.

Serving all of Orange County, California


Ultra-High Performance

35th Street Solar only uses high efficiency N-Type Cell Solar Modules that are rated in the top ¼% of all modules on the California Energy Commission's approved list. With an incredible 21.5% efficiency rating...



Lowest Cost

35th Street Solar has packaged what we believe is the absolute best and highest performing leading edge solar equipment at the lowest cost and best pricing anywhere.



Solar Savings Calculator

The 35th Street Solar Savings Calculator is the first of its kind software ever created exclusively to benefit homeowners who are installing a PV solar electric system to show them how to save money...


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Is It Worth It Financially To Go Solar?

There are many ways to answer this question. But here we’ll give you a simple way of answering and looking at this excellent question.

You need to know if spending the money to install a solar system for your home electricity needs is going to save you money. Cause really, why go solar if it doesn’t benefit you financially? For most of us it’s all about the money!

Let’s Look at an Average Example: A medium sized house with a $225/month electric bill. You have 2 Options …



The Benefits of Solar

If you like the thought of contributing to the efforts of making the earth a better place to live, or if you like money, you’ll love solar energy! Solar energy is one of the safest investment options on the market today. We affectionately call our solar systems money making machines!

There are a myriad of great reasons to install a photovoltaic solar power generation system in your home or commercial building, here are a few:

• 100% Guaranteed Financial Return on Your Investment.
• Home Equity Return on Your Investment.


What's The Best Way To Finance Your Solar System?

With instant utility bill savings, significant returns, and home value appreciation solar is an investment that pays for itself – many times over. Although solar energy is a very wise investment, getting started isn’t necessarily free. But neither is paying your electric bill every month!

So, if you want to get rid of your electric bill today by going solar, what is the best way to finance your solar installation? We believe there is no absolute “best” financing solution...