A Story of Two Friends just wanting to Purchase a Solar System for Their Homes

35th Street Solar was simply started by two friends who just wanted to purchase a solar system for their homes. They knew the benefits of solar, and they knew installing solar would save them lots of money on their electricity costs. Especially since one of them had purchased an electric car and was plugging in everyday. They completely got it; doing solar was a no brainer as one of the commercial stated. They had seen all the numbers and calculations and knew going solar was a wise decision to make. Plus, the 30% tax credit that came with it was something they just couldn’t pass up. It’s free money! So, they got quotes from several of the large nationally advertised solar companies they heard on TV, on radio, and in their local newspaper. Their first reaction to all the quotes was, “You want how much?!”

The Nationally Advertised Solar Companies Wanted a Fortune

Being business folks themselves, they just couldn’t get past how much the big solar companies wanted to charge them — especially since they were all using just average equipment. None of the quotes they got included the best most advanced equipment available. After running the numbers, they realized these companies are making small fortunes on each installation. They knew there was a better more cost effective way to get the kind of advanced equipment they really wanted for their homes … they just had to do it themselves!

Let’s Do It Ourselves!

They researched which solar panels were the outright best and most advanced on the market today, found which inverters provided the most reliable and highest energy harvest, determined which racking systems offered the most secure installation, and interviewed independent installers to determine which ones could do the job perfectly. It was a lot of work, but sometimes you have to do it yourself if you want it done right! They convinced two other friends to go solar too, and go in with them so they could purchase their panels direct in bulk quantities. Then, they bought their panels and equipment in bulk direct, and negotiated a fair installation price with their installer of choice for all four homes.

The Savings Just Kept Adding Up


They contracted with their installer to complete the projects with engineering, permitting, SCE documents, and to install all the equipment they had negotiated and purchased themselves. They ended up saving over 40% from their original quotes while getting vastly superior and the most technologically advanced equipment to boot. They put together their own superior system while learning how to do it through every single step from beginning to completion. And they saved tens of thousands of dollars each! And now they are saving money every month by producing their own power rather than purchasing it from Southern California Edison.

Let’s face it – going solar is all about saving money. “Why not save the absolute most you possibly can,” was their thought. “Why give your hard earned money away to large corporate entities to install an average solar system when we can do it better and cheaper ourselves?”

We Want to Help Others Save Too

We now want to share our knowledge, help you save money, and get the finest leading edge solar equipment for your home too. We went through so much to get our systems that we decided we could help others without them having to go through the huge learning curve and roadblocks by the solar industry we did.

Through bulk purchasing, and pre negotiated installation costs, we are now able to provide the single homeowner with unheard of pricing for an ultra high performance leading edge completely installed solar system. We’re just two friends doing what so many people told us we couldn’t, but did. And now we’d like to help you save too.

If you’re looking for a better way to go solar and save money, just give us a call today … and you can get the advanced solar system you really want … at a fair price from an honest straight forward little company with a big heart and lots of knowledge on what a truly great system is. We look forward to helping you!


The Best Equipment   /  The Most Power Production  /  The Greatest Savings

35th Street Solar is the Comprehensive Solar Solution You’ve Been Seeking