Lowest Cost

35th Street Solar has packaged what we believe is the absolute best and highest performing leading edge solar equipment at the lowest cost and best pricing anywhere. A completely installed 5kW or larger sized ultra high performance N-Type Cell Solar System for your home is priced at only $4.00 per watt or lower before any tax incentives!

35th Street Solar provides you with a completely installed Ultra High Performance Solar System that combines the finest leading edge state of the art technologically advanced equipment in the solar PV industry with the absolute lowest cost to save you thousands to tens of thousands over all the nationally advertised solar companies


What Do Other Companies Charge?

Compare this to the large national solar company’s prices of $5.00 to $6.00 per watt … and you can see the incredible value 35th Street Solar brings to its customers in the price to performance equation. Plus, we only use the newest 2nd generation N-Type Bifacial Solar Cell Technology where all the other nationally advertised companies use older 1st generation P-Type single sided technology and charge you more for it.

Our prices are lower than … SolarCity, Sunpower, Verengo, Petersen Dean and all the rest. And by owning your system you keep the 30% Federal Tax Credit for a much better return on your investment. 35th Street Solar provides the absolute best price to ultra high performance ratio than any other solar company, period.


35th Street Solar Saves You Money

Let’s face it – going solar is all about saving money. “We want you to save the absolute most you possibly can by buying the finest solar equipment at a fair price.” 35th Street Solar was started to help you save money, and get the finest leading edge solar equipment for your home. Through bulk purchasing, and pre negotiated installation costs, we are able to provide you, the single homeowner, with unheard of pricing for an ultra high performance leading edge completely installed solar system.

We’re so confident that you’ll be absolutely delighted with the performance and pricing of our 35th Street Solar System … that we encourage you to shop every available source and compare how our Ultra High Performance System compares to theirs. The numbers don’t lie. And we believe that when you compare our apples to theirs you’ll find that ours are bigger, cuter, tastier, and will provide you with a much better system, save you more money, and provide you with higher levels of energy production.


35th Street Systems Delivers More …

Saving You More Money from the Very Beginning


Here is an example of a simple break-even analysis of a relatively small 4.5 kW solar array.
This information tells us:

  • The customer's average monthly SCE bill was $197.21 before solar.
  • The customer's average monthly SCE bill is $21.92 after solar.
  • The customer will save $2,103.53 a year by going solar.
  • After the 30% Federal tax credit, the system will cost $11,813.
  • At the end of year five, the customer will have broken even on their initial investment.
  • In 20 years, they will have saved $83,462 in electric costs!

 For more information on what your bill will look like and how we can save you money, give us a call.