Solar Panels:

  1. Silevo Triex U and R Series N-Type 2nd Generation Panels
  2. Sunpreme N-type 2nd Generation Bifacial Frameless Panels
  3. Stion Elevation Series High Performance CIGS Thin Film Panels

Inverter Systems:

  1. SolarEdge Inverters and Power Optimizers
  2. Fronius FE Inverter Line with Module Level Optimizers

Racking Systems:

  1. Everest K2 Solar Systems Residential Crossrail Racking Solution

We wanted the best solar equipment available when we created the solar systems for our homes. We researched and researched to find the differences between panels, inverter systems, and the racking that holds it all together. We discovered the best equipment creates a significant difference in performance and leads to a greater return on your solar investment.

We have put together what we believe is the best equipment that creates an ultra high performance solar system that will outperform and harvest more energy from the sun than just about anything available today. The equipment we have available for you is the best of the best and will provide you with decades of energy production returning your solar investment to you many times over.

Give us a call today for more information. We would be happy to recommend which of our Ultra-High Performance Systems would be the best fit for your home. Each one has specific advantages and we can match the right one for you.

When we were searching for the best inverter system for our homes we wanted a couple things:

  • We wanted to be able to monitor our solar systems production of power from our computers.
  • We wanted to be able to monitor each panel individually to make sure each panel was operating correctly.
  • We wanted an inverter system where shade on one panel would not bring down our entire system’s production as it does with a string inverter system.
  • And we wanted an inverter system with the highest efficiency available that would produce the most power for us.


We found all this and more in the inverter systems we use.

SolarEdge Technologies provides solar power optimization and PV monitoring solutions, allowing maximum energy production from your solar system for a faster Return on Your Solar Investment.
The SolarEdge power optimizers perform MPPT per individual module while monitoring the performance of each module. The high efficiency SolarEdge inverter is tailor-made to work with their power optimizers. The SolarEdge system provides optimal power, flexible design and full roof utilization. Module-level electronics enable enhanced maintenance and increased system safety with their SafeDC™ mechanism. 

SolarEdge Optimizers and Inverters Bring Out the Maximum Production from Your Solar System

Solaredge power optimizers will extract maximum performance from every module in your solar system. A highly-optimized algorithm ensures that each module is constantly kept at maximum power point (MPP), preventing energy losses due to module mismatch or partial shading conditions. In addition to the energy benefit, module-level MPPT is faster than MPPT performed by a centralized inverter. This allows the modules to better react to changes in sun irradiance and temperature and minimizing power loss on cloudy days when changes in irradiance are frequent and fast. This technological advantage leads to increased energy yield. The higher the energy yield the more savings you will have.

They outperform and provide better shade mitigation than String Inverters and Microinverter Systems including an Enphase based microinverter system, and also produce more power in shaded conditions. Plus, the DC-DC conversation employed by each power optimizer is highly efficient with the highest known peak efficiency in the industry of 99.5%.

Every Module Will Performs to it’s Best

When there is partial shading of a system or shading of an individual solar module SolarEdge handles these situations perfectly. Even if just one panel has shade on it, a system using a string inverter will drag the performance of all solar modules in this row down to the level of the weakest module. Solaredge power optimizers prevent this loss of yield by evaluating each individual module in the PV system. This means that the loss of yield only affects the shaded module, but never the entire system. Shadows can be created by chimneys, dormer windows, trees, neighboring buildings, clouds, and bird droppings.

SolarEdge Enlarges the Usefull Area of Your Roof

With Solaredge power optimizers, small areas can now also be used to generate solar power. With conventional inverters, we used to be technically limited, for example, when it came to dormer windows with space for two or three modules. Thanks to the power optimizers, every additional area that can accommodate upwards of one module can be used. For house owners who previously thought they had to leave out small and shaded areas of their roof, they can now look forward to using all of their roof space: 100 % coverage – 100 % yield. With an increase in your roof area and system output, this makes your solar system more profitable.

With Solaredge power optimizers, you can expect to see an increase of up to 20% in the yield of your solar systems compared to using a conventional string inverter. This means that your solar system will generate higher returns over its entire lifetime.

With SolarEdge You Are In Total Control

You can monitor the output of your system and every individual module at any time from anywhere in the world; from your computer, table, or smart phone. The Monitoring Portal provided free of charge by Solaredge records the yield data of all solar modules for the lifetime of the system. This allows you to immediately identify if there are any weak modules, find the cause of the fall in output, and correct it immediately.

SolarEdge Provides Perfectly Optimized and Maximum Power Production from Each Solar Panel

  • Increased Energy Yield Compared to the Traditional String Inverter System
  • Individual Solar Module Monitoring to Guarantee Optimal Operation
  • Better Shade Mitigation than Any Other Inverter or Micro Inverter
  • Individual Power Optimizers with Higher Wattage Ratings
  • Proven Reliability in Harsh Environments
  • The SolarEdge Monitoring Portal is Provided Free of Charge

The SolarEdge Inverter and Power Optimizer System is a perfect match with our Silevo Solar Panels. We chose the SolarEdge Inverter and Power Optimizer System for our homes. Combined with Silevo Triex Solar Panels, they are producing an incredible 20+% more power than the California Solar Initiative says systems of our size should produce.



Fronius History

Fronius is a 65 year old Austrian company
that has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions. Their state-of-the-art products have received numerous international awards for innovation, environmental stewardship and best practices. In 1995 Fronius established their Energy & Environment Division, with business units for photovoltaics, grid connected solar inverters, and battery charging systems.

Fronius USA opened it's doors in the United States in 2002 to greatly contribute to the American market. With its headquarters centrally located in the Midwest in Portage Indiana, Fronius strives to provide excellence in service across the United States.

The FE Series – Their Newest Inverter Line

Fronius USA has just announced their latest innovation and next inverter phase for the solar industry. The Fronius FE Inverter line is a module-level optimized system that offera technological advancements such as increased design flexibility, shade mitigation, and module-level data. Their new optimized inverter line leverages the strengths of string inverters with module-level power electronics (optimizers), integrated communications and sophisticated monitoring and analytics.

The new Fronius FE inverter line streamlines design of your solar system, maximizes energy production, and reduces shade impact, all while allowing for significant design flexibility. The advanced module-level electronics uses the fewest components of any integrated module-based solution on the market.

The Fronius FE Inverter Line Offers

  • Increased Energy Harvest for an optimum ROI.
  • Module flexibility- compatible with your module of choice.
  • Wireless Communications without external power or in-house wiring.
  • Rapid DC shutdown with smart phone app.
  • Module-level monitoring

Lowest Cost of Ownership

  • Unbeatable reduction in Total Cost of Ownership due to optimization technology and inverter design
  • In the event of a module-level electronics failure, the PV module continues to produce energy however the output from that single module is unoptimized.
  • Inverters are field serviceable and designed to operate for the life of the PV system. Should service ever be needed, components are field swappable in one truck roll by one technician… all without ever needing to get on the roof.


  • Module-level and inverter data on the same platform
  • Integrated Wi-Fi® connectivity
  • No additional monitoring components required

Open Architecture

  • Combines the advantages of microinverters and optimizers into a single solution
  • Architecture backed by leading PV module companies

This new inverter line from Fronius provides 35th Street Solar with another top of the line, world class inverter solution. It has many similarities to the SolarEdge System:  it uses power optimizers directly on the panels, offers module level monitoring, but offers us some other advantages as well…

Fronius FE Pairs Well with Sunpreme Solar Panels

For one, the Fronius FE Inverter Line pairs up well with our Sunpreme Maxima GxB Series Double-Glass Frameless Bifacial Panels. Due to some technical and design issues the Sunpreme panels are not a good match for the SolarEdge System. But we are so impressed with what Sunpreme offers that we searched for the best optimized inverter solution for these amazing panels. And the Fronius FE Inverter Line is the solution we were searching for.

We believe the Sunpreme / Fronius FE combination will perform as well or better than our coveted Silevo / SolarEdge System. Plus, the different systems give us alternatives to design the best system for your home based on your individual needs.

String Inverters Just Don’t Cut It for Us

A lot of companies will just use a cheaper conventional string inverter for their systems, but we have seen first hand how much more potent a Module Level Power Optimizer is at producing more power for the same system size. Up to 20% more power works for us!

We are committed to giving our customers the absolute best equipment. And we have resoundingly decided that string inverters just don’t cut it compared to the advantages and increased power production a Module Level Power Optimized System produces. We keep asking ourselves… “Why would anyone use a string inverter for their home solar system when there is a vastly superior solution available?” SolarEdge and Fronius LE are both best in class inverter solutions that produce more power for you. We would be proud to have these systems on our roofs.

35th Street Solar can provide you with a vastly superior system for significantly less dollars while using advanced N-Type Cell solar panels combined with SolarEdge or Fronius FE State of the Art / Module Level Power Optimized Inverter Systems.

Give us a call today for more information on how we can begin helping you not just save money, but how we can help you choose to invest your money wisely in solar for your home.


Anyone can put up a solar system for you — but we show you how to do it by saving you the absolute most money possible. 
By using our proprietary Solar Savings Calculator / using the best available state of the art equipment,
we are able to provide you with information and knowledge no other company can.