Solar Panels:

  1. Silevo Triex U and R Series N-Type 2nd Generation Panels
  2. Sunpreme N-type 2nd Generation Bifacial Frameless Panels
  3. Stion Elevation Series High Performance CIGS Thin Film Panels

Inverter Systems:

  1. SolarEdge Inverters and Power Optimizers
  2. Fronius FE Inverter Line with Module Level Optimizers

Racking Systems:

  1. Everest K2 Solar Systems Residential Crossrail Racking Solution

We wanted the best solar equipment available when we created the solar systems for our homes. We researched and researched to find the differences between panels, inverter systems, and the racking that holds it all together. We discovered the best equipment creates a significant difference in performance and leads to a greater return on your solar investment.

We have put together what we believe is the best equipment that creates an ultra high performance solar system that will outperform and harvest more energy from the sun than just about anything available today. The equipment we have available for you is the best of the best and will provide you with decades of energy production returning your solar investment to you many times over.

Give us a call today for more information. We would be happy to recommend which of our Ultra-High Performance Systems would be the best fit for your home. Each one has specific advantages and we can match the right one for you.

We Only Use the Worlds Best Solar Racking Solutions

We found numerous racking companies clamoring for our business. But we wanted the strongest racks, with the best designs, that would last, from a company with a reputation that had been around a while that could prove their longevity and durability.   We found the World Class Mounting System we were searching for in Everest K2 Solar Systems.

They are one of   Europe ’s market engineering leaders  with more than 3 GW installed. They have proven product solutions and simple innovative designs and complete dedicated product support. Their racking solutions go through extensive wind tunnel and corrosion testing, along with advanced structural and electrical validation testing.   All backed by German Engineering with a long track record of quality.  In fact, they are the 2013 Roof-Mount Project of the Year Winner!

Everest Solar K2 Systems   are secure high quality attachments that are precisely manufactured components. They have the longest track record in the industry. We have this incredible racking supporting our systems on our roofs. We feel it is one of the best racking solutions available today.

The Everest CrossRail solution is a high quality system optimized for residential installations.   It has been proven in thousands of installations on residential roofs all across Europe:

  • High quality, German engineered system optimized for residential installation
  • Everest M K2 mounting hardware simplifies module installation – fast, easy, and secure
  • Easily integrates with third party roof attachment products
  • L-foot provides adjustability and compatibility with common roof interfaces (Comp, Tile & Metal)
  • 100% code-compliant, structural validation for all solar states
  • Two rail options available to optimize for different wind and snow conditions
  • Fast installation, minimal component count result in low total installed cost for the homeowner