Solar Panels:

  1. Silevo Triex U and R Series N-Type 2nd Generation Panels
  2. Sunpreme N-type 2nd Generation Bifacial Frameless Panels
  3. Stion Elevation Series High Performance CIGS Thin Film Panels

Inverter Systems:

  1. SolarEdge Inverters and Power Optimizers
  2. Fronius FE Inverter Line with Module Level Optimizers

Racking Systems:

  1. Everest K2 Solar Systems Residential Crossrail Racking Solution

We wanted the best solar equipment available when we created the solar systems for our homes. We researched and researched to find the differences between panels, inverter systems, and the racking that holds it all together. We discovered the best equipment creates a significant difference in performance and leads to a greater return on your solar investment.

We have put together what we believe is the best equipment that creates an ultra high performance solar system that will outperform and harvest more energy from the sun than just about anything available today. The equipment we have available for you is the best of the best and will provide you with decades of energy production returning your solar investment to you many times over.

Give us a call today for more information. We would be happy to recommend which of our Ultra-High Performance Systems would be the best fit for your home. Each one has specific advantages and we can match the right one for you.

35th Street Solar only uses high efficiency N-Type Cell Solar Modules that are rated in the top ¼% of all modules on the California Energy Commission’s approved list. Our advanced N-Type / Double-Sided Cells / High Efficiency / Next Generation Solar Modules will give you the best Real World Performance by generating 20% more energy than regular P-type panels. With a higher power output per m² ~ they have one of the highest energy generation densities available today. Their exceptional Energy Harvest delivers Maximum Return on Your Solar Investment.

Our N-Type Cell Panels yield higher power densities, and do not suffer from light-induced degradation (LID) or potential induced degradation (PID), like the standard P-Type Cell solar modules every other solar company is installing and charging you more for. Standard first generation, single sided, P-Type Cell, crystalline mono facial solar panels are used by almost every solar company including the solar leases and PPA companies — these first generation panels only use single sided solar cells and only produces power from the front side of the cell. N-Type Cells can generate power from both the front and back side of their cells.

Our N-Type Cell Panels offer Double-Sided Cell Structure / No LID or PID / Very Low Cell Temperature Coefficients / Weather Proof Anodized Frames or Ultra Thin Profile / Frameless / Elegant See Through Glass on Glass Panels … that yield Exceptional Energy Harvest. They are the Leading Edge & State of the Art Solar Technology today with a 25 Year Linear Solar Module Warranty. We believe they are the absolute best solar panels made today.

Sunpreme Maxima GxB Series Double-Glass Frameless Bifacial Panels

Sunpreme Maxima GxB Series Double-Glass Frameless Bifacial Solar Panels
are the next 2nd generation solar panels based on SmartSilicon technology. Sunpreme’s hybrid cells combine crystalline silicon with ultra-thin thin-film layers to produce higher energy yields in real world conditions.

They are designed and engineered at Sunpreme’s R&D facilities in Sunnyvale, CA, USA - the heart of Silicon Valley’s market-based innovation culture. These vastly superior panels have an incredible 21.5% cell efficiency rating — and provide Bifacial (double sided) N-Type Technology that generates power from both the Front and Back Sides of the panels which increases their power output up to 20% over a single sided panel. Thus, they potentially will reduce economic payback times significantly.

Elegant Glass on Glass Bifacial Design Solar Modules

These Second Generation Panels have solar cells on both sides of the panels (double sided). They use a clear glass on glass construction that allows a percentage of the light that passes through the clear areas of the panel to strike the surface of the roof or ground and this light is then reflected onto the backside of the bifacial (double sided) cells and produces extra power. This is not possible with single sided standard solar panels because their cells are not double sided. And standard solar panels are constructed with only a single layer of glass backed by a thin layer of opaque plastic. 

92.88% PTC to STC ratio

They have an incredible 21.5% efficiency rating and a 92.88% PTC to STC ratio that outperforms the PTC to STC ratios of almost every panel available today. With a low 0.31%/ºC temperature coefficient they achieve significantly greater performance & output in warm/hot climates (temperatures above 77 degrees F).

These N-Type Panels are extremely robust, impervious to the elements, and aesthetically attractive. This advanced module technology packages ultra high performance bifacial (double sided) N-Type Cell technology between a double layer of glass instead of a moisture permeable EVA backsheet. These impenetrable layers of glass protect the active circuit material like no other design in the industry. Sunpreme panels offer a much better design and offers much higher power harvest and reliability than any first generation solar modules.

All the Solar Panels We Install Are:  Advanced N-Type / Double-Sided Cells / High Efficiency / Next Generation Solar Modules

 We at 35th Street Solar believe that the Silevo and Sunpreme Solar Panels are the finest 2nd Generation / Ultra High Performance / State of the Art Technology / Bifacial N-Type Solar Modules available today. They are at the Leading Edge of solar technology and will deliver more power to your home, save you more money, and give you a greater return on your solar investment. We only sell the best equipment that we would put on our homes. These ultra high performing panels will provide you with:

  • High Efficiency Modules Providing up to a 21.5 % Module Efficiency Rating
  • 92.88 % to 93.49% PTC to STC Ratio = Less Panels Needed for a Given System Size
  • -0.27%/ºC  to -0.31%/ºC Temperature Coefficient = Up To 12% Higher Power Output in High Temperatures
  • Exceptional Low Light to Peak Sun Performance
  • Bifacial N-Type Cell Technology Increases Power Output up to 20%
  • Weather Proof Black Anodized Frames
  • Elegant Frameless Glass on Glass Double Sided Solar Panel Design
  • Near Zero Low Light Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID)
  • 25 Year Linear Solar Module Warranty
  • Ultra Thin Profile Double-Glass Design Provides Superior Aesthetics
  • Black Anodized Frame Providing an Attractive Aesthetic Solution


These Tier One, Top of the Line Solar Panels are the Leading Edge & State of the Art Solar Technology today. They also provide you with a 25 Year Linear Solar Module Warranty. We believe they are some of the absolute best solar panels made today.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA
Stion is a leading manufacturer of American made high-efficiency thin-film solar modules based on state-of-the-art materials and device technology and proven production processes. Stion’s 700,000+ square foot manufacturing plant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA is one of the largest and most advanced solar manufacturing facilities in the United States. 

Revolutionary Thin Film Design for Greater Light Absorption

The semiconductors in Stion’s thin-film solar panels are made of Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium and Sulfur (a compound commonly abbreviated as CIGS). CIGS-based materials have demonstrated the highest efficiencies of any thin-film technology.

Stion’s technology uses a revolutionary thin-film design featuring two stacked devices that enable broader and more effective light absorption. A typical solar panel only absorbs a small part of the visible light spectrum. By layering two different solar circuits, each one geared towards a different part of the spectrum, the module can absorb far more energy than traditional P-type cell panels.

Here at 35th Street Solar we are always searching for the best and most effective equipment for our solar systems. Stion is a unique and exciting product. These solar panels are made using Thin Film Technology and provide exceptional power yield and efficiency in an extremely attractive all black solar panel. They are an excellent match with our SolarEdge Inverter and Power Optimizer System. We are very excited to offer this excellent product as one of our Ultra High Performance Solar Systems. Here’s more information about them:

Advantages of Stion’s CIGS Thin Film Solar Technology versus P-type Crystalline Technology

  • The light spectrum spans from ultraviolet to visible to the near-infrared region. Mono crystalline solar cells absorb light in the spectrum which ranges from 400-700 nm, CIGS solar cells absorb light in the spectrum which ranges from 300-1300 nm. This wider range of light absorption effectively means that a CIGS solar panel can generate power for a much longer period of time each day. In other words CIGS solar panels will keep generating power from sunrise to sunset.
  • Solar panels made from P-type cell crystalline silicon exhibit degradation - Low Light Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID) - following long-term exposure to intense light which reduces their ability to generate power. A study conducted at Arizona State University and TUV Rheinland PTL concluded that the power output from solar panels made with P-type cell crystalline silicon decrease by approximately 0.5 percent per Celsius degree as temperature increases. CIGS solar panels display a much lower loss of power as temperature increases. This is known as a solar panel's temperature coefficient. CIGS solar panels generate consistent (kwh) output regardless of long periods of exposure to sunlight.
  • CIGS solar panels typically generate 1.2 times more energy than standard crystalline silicon solar panels. CIGS solar panels produce consistent superior output (kwh/kwp) when tested in the same natural (outdoor) environment as crystalline solar panels.
  • P-type cell crystalline silicon based solar panels have a degradation factor of 1-2% in (kwh) output per year. CIGS modules provide consistent (kwh) output each year with little or no degradation.
  • CIGS solar panels provide excellent performance during low light, cloudy or hazy conditions. CIGS solar panels are activated by the presence of low intensity photons. Cigs solar panels are less dependent on direct sunlight or the position of the sun in order to produce electricity. Cigs solar panels are one of the most diverse and effective solar panels available and can operate in most light conditions.
  • CIGS solar panels are one of the most light-sensitive solar technologies on the market. Research shows that CIGS solar panels produce more electricity per day operating in the same natural environment as P-type cell crystalline solar panels. CIGS panels absorb more sunlight per day so they produce more energy per day.
  • Esthetics: Most agree that the uniform solid black color of the panels provide a far more appealing appearance. They look great!

Superior Energy Density and Performance

Stion’s CIGS modules feature all-weather module construction, unique cell architecture, and semiconductor uniformity enabled by proven processes and equipment.

  • More kWh/m2 than P-type cell crystalline silicon in most climates
  • Excellent warm temperature performance with an incredible -0.26%/C temperature coefficient.
  • Proprietary cell and circuit design minimizes impact of shade and debris. Provides up to 50% better performance in shaded conditions compared to typical P-type cell crystalline silicon modules.
  • CEC listed, PTC/STC ratio of 92.92%  Highly efficient panel rates and an extremely low temperature coefficient and debris tolerance increases total power output and higher output at high temperatures.
  • Dual Glass module with edge seal inhibits moisture ingress
  • Back glass replaces moisture-permeable back sheet used in crystalline silicon modules
  • Stion modules have passed the most severe salt spray test per IEC 61701 (severity 6)
  • Black weatherproof anodized aluminum frame


  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID) resistant and free of Light Induced Degradation (LID) effects
  • Stion reliability testing extends well beyond industry standard certification testing

Best-In-Class Aesthetics

  • Black design with virtually invisible cell lines offers industry leading aesthetics. Stion panels are beautiful and sleek.


  • The high-transmission, tempered glass on glass encapsulation used in Stion’s modules is designed to withstand heavy snow fall and high winds.
  • The edge of the module is sealed with high quality butyl rubber that allows the module to exceed the 25-year warranted lifetime of the product.

Made in the USA

  • All of Stion’s modules are designed in San Jose, CA and manufactured in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA


Outperform day 1, outperform day 10,000.

SAN JOSE, CALIF., August 15, 2013  In April 2012, Stion installed a 60 kW demonstration array in Hattiesburg, MS comprised of some of the very first CIGS modules produced at Stion’s high-volume factory in Mississippi.

After 1 year of field production in the hot and humid Mississippi delta, Stion’s modules show zero degradation in power output. A random sample of modules was removed from the array and tested; they performed at or above the STC (Irradiance=1000 W/m², Air mass=1.5, Module temperature=25°C.) flash test result that was recorded at time of production. This may be a surprise to those in the solar industry that expect at least 1-2% loss in power in just the first year with silicon-based modules, but at Stion it’s no surprise because our modules are designed to be Simply Better™.

This stable performance confirms that Stion’s modules match the stability seen in CIGS modules that have been stable for nearly 8 years in a test array at the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Stion’s CIGS modules have a dual glass / glass construction providing significantly improved moisture resistance and lifetime durability over the traditional polymer based backsheets used in traditional PV modules. Stion modules are resistant to potential induced degradation, light-induced degradation, and provide a durable solution engineered to survive in harsh environments and out-perform in non-ideal situations.

What a Collection!

We have done our homework and have come up with the most efficient, powerful, and good looking top of the line quality solar panels on the market today. They all will give you an amazing return on your solar investment.

The only question is which one of these great panels do you choose? Simple! Just give us a call today for more information and we would be happy to recommend which of our Ultra-High Performance Solar Panels would be the best fit for your home. Each one has specific advantages and we would be happy to match the right one for you.