SCE’s Time of Use Rate Plan (TOU) can be very confusing. Not only are their multiple Tiers, but the rate is different depending on the time of day. The rate is the cheapest from 12:00 am to 6:00 am, and is the most expensive from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Plus, there are different Winter rates and Summer rates too!

Everyone wants to know if it would save them money to switch from their regular rate plan to the TOU plan. It gets even more confusing when you add Solar Power to this confusing mix. Add an electric car to charge and your head will swim! When you have Solar you are either consuming the electricity your system is producing. Or, you are producing electricity you are not using at the time and it is going back into SCE’s electric grid. You are credited for the electricity that you produced and did not use. The amount you are credited depends on the time of day it was produced if you are on the TOU plan, which tier you are currently in at the time, and whether it is the Summer or Winter rate period.

Electric Car Charging Math During Super Off Peak Times With Solar

If you have an electric car and you charge it from 12 am to 6 am you are getting the electricity at the lowest rate possible. If you have a Solar System it is producing electricity during the day, and if you do not consume it all you are being credited at the highest rate possible. During the day in the Summer Rate Tier 1 Period SCE is going to credit you 32 cents for each kW your system produces that goes back to the grid. But at night, they are only going to charge you 9 cents per kW to charge your car. So, that one kW production during the day turns into 3.5 kW’s at night! This is a great thing, but how in the world do you figure out how much Solar Power you really need with this crazy math that turns into dollars and cents? We can tell you with our Solar Savings Calculator. 

SCE Has Worked Hard to Confuse You

We believe SCE has worked hard and diligent to make sure their TOU rate plan as confusing and complicated as they can possibly make it. And they have overwhelmingly succeeded! Just take a look at all those different numbers on your bill.

When we asked them to tell us if we would save more money by switching to the TOU plan their representative told us, “The only way to know is to just switch over and see if your bill is less or more.”


Their rate plans are so complicated SCE themselves couldn't even tell us. This didn’t work for us. So, we wrote a new, never been done before software program that would tell us exactly what we wanted to know. We’re kind of geeky that way!

The 35th Street Solar Calculator Tells Us Everything We Wanted to Know

The great news for you is we invented The 35th Street Solar Savings Calculator to do all the math for you. You don’t have to guess which plan saves you the most money anymore. The Solar Savings Calculator combines all the complicated math factors SCE has put into its rate plans:

  • Schedule D, Tier Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 
  • Time of Use Plan (TOU-D-T) 
  • Time of Use Plan with electric vehicle (TOU-D-TEV) 
  • Time of Day of Solar Production 
  • Estimated Solar Production by Month and Year 
  • Time of Day of Energy Consumption 
  • Daily and Monthly Energy Consumption 
  • Summer and Winter Rate Schedules 
  • Electric Car Charging Day and Night 

And with a few clicks of this powerful software program, we can tell you exactly how all this will play out with your specific energy needs and factors. We can show you exactly how much your bill will be on each of SCE’s rate plans both with and without solar. The differences will astound you! I know this sounds a little far fetched — but from our customers bills we can see a difference with Solar of one plan costing them $35 a month, and another one giving them a credit of over $200 per month! We think this is astounding – and we think you will too! And we think you deserve to know which one gives you the most bang for your solar energy production so you can save the most money possible with your new and exciting money machine, uh … we mean, solar system.

It’s a Money Saving Machine!

We will help you design the right sized Solar System that will cost you the least to purchase, and will save you the most each month. We will bring you out of the dark and into the light with SCE’s confusing and hard to understand math. Our Solar Savings Calculator will show you how having the right sized Solar System will save you an astounding amount of money as the years go by. It will tell us which rate plan will capture all the money and credits SCE will possibly give you. We don’t guess — we give you all the numbers in a simple and easy to understand way. The smile on your face and the joy in your heart will be thanks enough for all the extra money you’ll have in your pocket!

35th Street Solar is the Only One who has this Exciting Technology

No one else anywhere has this technology. All those big solar companies with literally millions and millions of dollars behind them can’t tell you what we can. Solar companies that send rockets to space and produce the best electric car ever will not give you this information. Space X and Tesla and Solar City are all owned by the same guy. But when it comes to maxing out and saving you the most with your solar system, well … we just guess they think good enough is good enough for the single home owner with solar.

Not us! We help you make sense of all those crazy and confusing numbers from SCE. Give us a call — we would love to help you make the most of this important decision. We believe you deserve all the information and deserve to collect all the credits SCE is willing to give you and truly save the most with your new solar sytem. You can only collect these credits if you know which SCE Rate Plan really does save you the most. We can tell you exactly which SCE Rate Plan is the best for you!