If you like the thought of contributing to the efforts of making the earth a better place to live, or if you like money, you’ll love solar energy! Solar energy is one of the safest investment options on the market today. We affectionately call our solar systems money making machines!


There are a myriad of great reasons to install a photovoltaic solar power generation system in your home or commercial building, here are a few:


  • 100% Guaranteed Financial Return on Your Investment. You get all of your money back, then an 'annuity' for decades in the form of avoided electricity costs, or what you may call Free Electricity!


  • Environmental Return on Your Investment. You eliminate thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions annually. Solar electric systems reduce pollution and CO2 emissions by generating electrical power using Radiant Sun Light that can replace electricity that comes from coal fired electrical plants. As long as the sun comes up you will producing power.


  • Home Equity Return on Your Investment. Your solar system is proven to increase the value of any property by lowering the cost of ownership. Home based solar power is quiet, nearly maintenance free, and a continuous source of electricity.


  • Community return on investment. Everyone benefits from cleaner air and reduced dependence on fossil energy.



Solar power systems generate electricity at peak power usage times (during the day) when the value and cost of electricity is the highest. Modern grid-tied home solar power systems can use the cheap rate grid power at night and reduce or eliminate the need for the high rate electrical power during the day. Home-owners can actually push power back into the electrical grid during the day and run their meters backwards which generate energy credits for you.


Here at 35th Street Solar we can show you how to maximize your energy cost savings with solar by using our proprietary Solar Savings Calculator. By using this amazing tool we developed we can help you get the most out of your new solar system and save the most money you possibly can. Just give us a call today—we are here to help you!