The 35th Street Solar Savings Calculator is groundbreaking information technology. It calculates exact dollar figure numbers for you to make an informed & intelligent decision on the most cost-effective solar system size.


Calculates Your Exact Solar System Size Based on SCE’s Rate Plans

The 35th Street Solar Savings Calculator is the first of its kind software ever created exclusively to benefit homeowners who are installing a PV solar electric system to show them how to save money on their system based on SCE's different rate plans. 35th Street’s Proprietary Solar Savings Calculator will calculate your exact solar system size needs based on your usage — and tell you down to the dollar which SCE rate plan saves you the most money & benefits you the most!

The Solar Savings Calculator...  
Tells us which rate plan captures all the money & credits SCE will possibly give you for installing a solar system.
With our Solar Savings Calculator...
We turn SCE’s confusing & complicated math into a simple way to save you oodles of money!

This revolutionary technical information has not been available to the individual homeowner until today. 35th Street's Solar Savings Calculator will save you the most money possible with your home solar system. No other solar company, big or small, has this capability.


Exact Technical Answers to All Your Solar Size & Rate Plan Questions

This is our newest proprietary software application that allows us to answer the following questions so you can purchase the exactly right sized solar system for your home:

  • Exactly what sized solar system do I need to save the most money?
  • What if I buy an electric car? How would that effect how much electricity I need?”
  • Should I change to SCE’s TOU rate plan? How is my bill different if I switch?
  • Should I offset all my electric usage? Or just stay in Tier One?
  • What if I buy an A/C unit for my home? How big of a system do I need to offset this electrical usage?”
  • What if I replace all my bulbs with LED? How will this affect my energy usage?


Can you provide me with exact calculations and dollar amounts for my bill with all these different situations?

YES we can!!!


The Solar Savings Calculator is able to calculate your exact solar system size needs based upon SCE’s different rate plans — if you have an electric car — whether you want to zero out your bill or just stay within Tier 1 rates — or any other factors. This new advanced software can help you compare and contrast any number of system size options based on SCE's different rate plans and gives you an almost exact energy cost number to help you save the most money possible by purchasing the correctly sized solar system based on your energy usage.


Created By John Wrate – Our Software Design Genius

This newly designed software was created by John Wrate, one of 35th Street's founders and our in house software programming engineer and design genius. The Solar Savings Calculator is a revolutionary step forward in helping everyone going solar to save even more money. It furthers our desire to provide our customers with Ultra High Performance Solar Systems at the outright Lowest Price Possible. And this includes doing it right from the very start of a solar project.

Having this information at ones fingertips had never been done before in the solar industry. With John's extensive background in advanced mathematics and computer software development, design, and programming — he set out to do what everyone in the solar industry told him could not be done. They all told us that with SCE's convoluted, complicated, and confusing pricing system (especially for TOU plans) it would be impossible to figure out exactly the right sized system based on the factors above. John has solved the unsolvable problem!


The Solar Savings Calculator Will Save You Money!

This is truly a revolutionary tool that benefits the homeowner in saving on both expensive equipment and installation costs. With our new proprietary software we have taken the guessing game out of solar system design. Guessing about this vital information is for amateurs. The 35th Street Solar Savings Calculator provides exact dollar figure numbers so you can make both an informed and intelligent decision on which is the most cost effective sized system to install and which SCE rate plan benefits you the most. 35th Street Solar wants to save you major money even before the solar energy starts flowing.

For more information on designing, purchasing, and expertly installing the exact sized Ultra High Performance Solar System for your home while saving yourself the most money possible just give us a call at 949.274.9545  Our new advanced software tool will help you see more possibilities in putting together the perfect solar system to help you and your family prosper.

The Best Equipment   /  The Most Power Production  /  The Greatest Savings

35th Street Solar is the Comprehensive Solar Solution You’ve Been Seeking

Below is an example of a correctly sized solar system saving our client money. This is a graph of a clients expected yearly energy production with their solar system -- and their expected energy usage -- broken out by month. Our Solar Savings Calculator told us exactly what size system this client needed, with his current energy usage, to zero out his bill and save the most he can with solar. This graphic shows how his energy production and usage would play out during the year with his SSC optimized solar system size.

By running his current energy usage through the SSC it told us which SCE rate plan - Tiered or TOU - would save him the most money and what size solar system he needed to accomplish his goal of putting his electric bill at zero. By determining correct system size with the most cost effective SCE rate plan - we are able to save our clients the absolute most money possible when they go solar.


35th Street Solar's Solar Savings Calculates designs your optimum solar system size.